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Posted on 11-18-2013

Babies with colic usually cry for more than three hours a day for more than three days a week for three weeks, when the baby is otherwise healthy. The baby is aged between two weeks and four months. The cause is not known completely, although less than 5% of such babies have organic diseases. Such incessant crying often leads to relationship stress, postpartum depression, increased visits to the doctor and stress for the parents as well as the baby. Such conditions are treated with alternative therapies and behavioral modification, and the now popular chiropractic methods.

Taylorsville Chiropractor


Babies often respond more to soothing body movements than other external stimulus. Parents use calming measures like swaddling and cuddling. These very methods have been further advanced by chiropractors to help resolve colic as soon as signs begin to show. Chiropractors from Taylorsville are experts in the field of child medicine and infant treatment. They have the experience that lets them focus on the root cause while being sensitive to the needs of the little child.

Infantile colic is quite common and infuriating, as infants cannot express clearly what is wrong with them and it frustrates the parents who try to figure out whether it is a serious ailment. Typically it occurs within the first month and can be resolved within 2-3 months depending on the chiropractor and method of treatment.

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Chiropractic treatment has become suitable for adolescents, children and even infants now. Relief from pain, correction of spinal defects and curing neuromusculoskeletal conditions has transcended the boundaries of age. All of these, when combined with the sensitivity and expertise of Taylorsville chiropractors, gives the best treatment for babies with colic illness. Chiropractic is a holistic treatment for enhanced health. It is safe and non invasive. At the infant stage it is harmful to administer a flurry of medicines or order too many tests. At this time it is crucial to seek help with chiropractic care.

Spinal misalignment during birth often results in colic in babies. Taylorsville chiropractors help relieve spinal stress. Children can also experience spinal subluxations during the birthing process, by being constrained in-utero or by rough handling after birth. A chiropractor can assess the child's condition and adjust him or her to remove the vertebral subluxation, which leads to colic. After this treatment, the child's nervous system is normalized and his digestive tract and other related organs function more normally and receive better nerve supply from the brain, bringing it back to normal health.

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Like all other chiropractic treatment, the one for colic also goes into the deeper symptoms and discovers a problem to the underlying solution, instead of simply treating symptoms. Infant colic can negatively impact his or her environment, and thus needs to be treated quickly an effectively. After getting the infant's complete history along with his or her parents', a Taylorsville chiropractor will recommend the best treatment. These are perfectly safe and well-used treatments that have benefitted many families.


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