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Posted on 12-19-2013

Chiropractic care is highly trained and professional. It is sought when people have explored several options and found no pertinent relief. Chiropractic adjustment is a procedure in which trained specialists use their hands or other instruments to apply controlled and constant pressure to affected areas like spinal joint to adjust its alignment. Often alignment in these areas is reversed which causes sharp pain to people. This spinal manipulation is often called 'popping' and is a sharp and sudden realignment of back muscle and tissue. It corrects structural alignment and improves the body's function.

Utah Chiropractor

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People often randomly crack their knuckles or their neck, that is often recerational and relaxing. What is done to the spine is a bit more complex and cannot be tried on oneself without professional supervision. Habitual popping of joints by people themselves, without chiropractic care can losen the spine and make it hypermobile.

The way a chiropractor pops someone's back is very safe and professional. Chiropractic back adjustment or popping requires several visits to the chiropractor and is not usually done just in one. After initial check-up and getting to the core of the problem, the chiropractor will determine a course of treatment. It could be popping of the back. During this procedure, the chiropractor places the individual in a specific lying position, face down, on a chiropractic table. The chiropractor then uses his or her hands to apply controlled and sudden presure to the ailing joint. He may use both his hands or just one depending on the intensity of pressure required to solve the problem. You may hear cracking sounds as the chiropractor moves his hands across the back. These sounds are encouraging and show that the back in slowly falling back into place.

Taylorsville Chiropractor

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The cracking or popping sound is simply a gas release out of the joint which is an indicator o release of pressure or subluxations from the joint. Now the joint is pain free and relaxed. The popping releasaes synovil fluid into the back which acts as a lubricant and lets oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide flow freely into and outside the body. The chiropractor does not realign, in fact the body itself can do it. The chiropractor can only free up the vertebrae. It may take several adjustments before the body can realign itself into a relaxed position.

Salt Lake City Chiropractor

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After this cracking the patient is often advised rest, to relax the back completely, and put no pressure on it. Unfortunately, the back is a muscle which is in constant use, and the only way to rest it is by lying in a relaxed sleeping position, which is often the advice of chiropractors.

Chiropractic adjustments are effective in treating lower back pain and are as beneficial as any conventional treatments. It is quite effective for neck pain as well. Indiscriminate joint stretching can cause injury or loseness, which is harmful for the body. So, you should only go to a professional chiropractor when the time to get treated arises. 

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